• Nathaniel Muller

On the Seller Side: The role of your Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are selling a commercial property, an apartment or the house where your children grew up - the right lawyer will make sure the transaction goes smoothly from contract to closing. 


  • Strategy session with lawyer by phone or in person

  • Explanation and advice regarding deferring capital gains (1031 exchange)

  • Preparation, review and negotiation of the real estate contract

  • Explanation of the real estate contract to the seller

  • Drafting Power of Attorney if individual seller

  • Drafting board resolutions if seller is entity

  • For domestic sellers, drafting of certificate of non foreign status

  • For foreign entity sellers, drafting of legal opinion letters

  • For foreign individuals, drafting of missing social security number

  • Drafting of FIRPTA escrow agreement

  • Resolving any issues (including issues of repair, termite damage, etc.) prior to closing

  • Correspondence with the buyer’s attorney and management company

  • Preparation for closing

  • Drafting of closing statement

  • Drafting of deed

  • Representation at closing, without time limit or restrictions.